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Want to save the tooth? Looking for Pain-free Root Canal Treatment?

Finding out that a root canal is required is not always the news that one wants to hear. The phrase Root canal therapycan even instill fear or anxiety in your mind. Although it is a common procedure, it has negative connotations for most individuals.

Tooth Abscess & Root Canal Treatment

At Apple Dental Care, We do our best to offer comfortable root canal therapy.

Utilizing most advanced dental technologies and sedation, we can make root canal therapy as comfortable as possible. Root canal therapy is an efficient and routine experience at our office that patients do not need to be afraid of.

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What is a Root Canal?

This is sort of a trick question. Most people refer to root canal therapy (or endodontic therapy) as “a root canal,” but a root canal is actually a physical structure in every one of your teeth. Each of your teeth is filled with dental pulp that extends down into the roots through thin canals. This pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that bring oxygen to your teeth and keep them healthy.

Root canal therapy refers to a dental procedure involving the removal of bacteria from the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. If the decay in the tooth remains untreated, it reaches deep into the nerve of the tooth, infects the nerve, and a root canal becomes necessary. 

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When this happens, your tooth is at risk of developing an abscess. An abscess occurs when the infection spreads from the root of the tooth into the tissues of the jaw bone. Abscessed teeth are very painful, and cause swelling. This is typically one of the more critical stages of tooth decay and must be treated sooner rather than later. 

An untreated infection in the pulp of a tooth can lead to further decay or complications such as Dental Abscess. The tooth may become painful and discolored.

If you are having toothache and seeking root canal therapy, call our friendly dental office for more information and to schedule an appointment. Call us today: – 250-762-6374

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