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Get Fitted for Mouth Guards in Kelowna

Protect your teeth during rigorous play with a custom-designed mouthguard. A properly fitted mouthguard protects not only your teeth, but your gums and jaw. The Dentists at Apple Dental Care can create mouth guards out of flexible plastic and mould it to fit the shape of your teeth. We recommend the use of mouthguards during hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or any other activities where your mouth may get hit.

Night Guards – Occlusal Splints

In addition to sports mouth guards, The Dentists at Apple Dental Care creates custom night guards and splints. The most common reason for wearing a nightguard is to prevent bruxism or teeth grinding. Bruxism can also refer to the act of clenching your top and bottom teeth together during the night. Often bruxism can lead to jaw disorders, headaches, and damaged teeth. If you suffer from grinding or clenching your teeth at night, consider getting a flexible, custom-made nightguard today.

Keep your smile safe and ask The Dentists at Apple Dental Care in Kelowna about creating your mouthguard.

Athletic Mouthguards

A single blow to the mouth or jaw can cause serious dental damage that is very painful and expensive to treat. You can minimize the risk of this type of injury by using a mouthguard when you take part in sports and other recreational activities.

Mouthguards are resilient appliances that fit over your teeth. When worn during sports activities, mouthguards help protect against injuries to the teeth and other areas in and around your mouth.

The risk of this kind of injury is commonly associated with contact sports, such as football, rugby, hockey, and boxing. However, dental and other mouth injuries may also occur as a result of contact with people or objects during many other athletic activities, including basketball, soccer, squash, gymnastics, skateboarding, and taekwondo.

While the number of mouth injuries caused by sports activities is relatively low, the cost of these injuries is relatively high, especially if there is damage to the teeth. Depending on the type and extent of a dental injury, a single blow to the mouth may result in months or even years of treatment, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Occlusal splints

Special mouthguards designed to protect your teeth against nighttime teeth grinding – also known as bruxism. Occlusal splints work by limiting your jaw muscle movement while you sleep and provide protection from any grinding you subconsciously do. You can buy over the counter occlusal splints, or you can have one custom-fitted by your dentist. As noted above, a custom fit usually provides better comfort and protection.


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