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Oral healthcare is transitioning to Phase 2 along with the rest of BC. Our team has always maintained a high standard of infection control, but have now modified our procedures to incorporate physical distancing, remote check-ins, and enhanced disinfection and personal protective equipment.

You will see several changes to our office to ensure your safety. First, you will be contacted prior to your appointment via phone, text or email and asked a set of health-related questions. It is required that we complete this Wellness Questionnaire no less than 72 hours prior to your appointment. We will have to cancel your appointment if we are unable to complete this step as we may require time to follow-up with anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms or has a risk factor for COVID-19.

We your partner in dental health

Below is a list of some of the enhanced precautions we have taken to protect you in addition to extensive team training on infection control and patient management procedures.

  • Personalized arrival procedures to reduce wait times in the lobby – please text or call us when you arrive and wait outside until we are ready to complete your Arrival Screening.
  • Maintain distancing in the reception area for essential caregivers if they cannot wait in a vehicle or outside the clinic.
  • Removed magazines and items that can harbor or transfer germs of any kind.
  • Hand sanitizers are positioned throughout the clinic for your use.
  • Installed sneeze guards at all reception areas.
  • Require our patients to be performing hand sanitizing before and after all appointments.
  • Introduce an oral pre-rinse for all patients to reduce exposure to germs.
    Daily monitoring of team members for signs and symptoms of illness.
  • Recording the temperature of every patient and team member upon entering the office.
  • Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures with HOCl fogging.
  • Enhanced disinfection of “commonly touch items” such as computers, doorknobs, etc.
  • Our HVAC system was recently serviced and meets above expectations for air filtration.
  • New personal protection equipment like face shields and gowns to provide barriers against the smallest of germs.
  • Introduced protocols and new equipment to reduce or eliminate airborne aerosols during all dental procedures.
  • Disinfection of all outside mail and packages that enter the building.
  • Providing tele-dentistry services for follow up lab reports or communication that can be done online or through video education.

In addition, each specialist in surgical dentistry, before removing the tooth, will advise the patient about prosthetics or even implantation in place of the missing tooth.

And further details regarding the guidelines for all Oral Health Care Providers in BC can be viewed at the College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC).

Why chose us content- Dental implant in Kelowna

We strive For Your Comfort

Relax by the fireplace in the newly decorated comfort of our pleasant office and waiting room. Enjoy the Kelowna mountain view from each bright and sterile treatment room, equipped with Digital xray system and latest technology. A childrens’ play area will occupy the young ones. All dental chairs have been designed for your comfort and relaxation. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself napping through your appointment. It happens often with our gentle dental care.

Our staff and our patients love the relaxed, happy and jovial (yet totally professional) atmosphere that we portray at our clinic. Seasonal decorations help to eliminate the “Dental Clinic” stigma and make our patients feel more comfortable.

We strive to treat you like family and make you feel at home at Apple Dental Care. We have fun at our clinic and we want you to enjoy as well. Our smiles, our tone and our truly devoted care and concern for all our patients will definitely be portrayed to all.

Come and enjoy the Apple Dental Care !

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COVID-19 Protocol we follow